Christie News 2018

CSC Bunkum #5 2018 - We're open for business!
April 13, 2018

The weather is reminding us it’s time to put away the summer toys and dust off the winter goodies.  Brrrrr …


Access codes to members who have paid their subs have been sent and booking for the 2018 season has begun in earnest.  Remember, if you haven’t paid your subs, you can’t use the booking system!


Booking restrictions are in place until May 4, limiting any one stay during the July and September/October school holidays to a block of 4 nights only.  Full details, including specific block dates, are in Bunkum #3 below.


A few things to remember please when making lodge bookings:


  • Please alter or transfer a booking rather than cancelling wherever possible. Mistakes happen but using your booking reference number (record it when you make the booking) you can change your existing booking. Cancellations create manual work for the booking officer and refunds are not straight forward.


  • All alterations/transfers, just like cancellations, must be made prior to 96 hours of your booked bunk date. This gives fair opportunity for all users and dissuades misuse such as "weather-watching".


  • In your booking please make sure you include:

Names of all people being booked in

Ages of any juniors

Your estimated arrival time - this helps catering plans and allows for safety follow-up if someone is really late

Then check all details before confirming - alter it rather than cancel it if you later find it’s wrong.


  • If you’re going to arrive at the lodge much later than you estimated please make a courtesy call to the lodge to give an update.  Otherwise the party leader will worry/respond unnecessarily.  Lodge number is 07-892-3829.


  • New members - If you want an escort to the lodge, ring in advance so the party leader can send a volunteer to meet you and guide you up.


Speaking of new members, we have a few.  Welcome to:

  • Rolf and Blake Boswell from Cambridge
  • Mark and Sean Young from Te Pahu
  • Kate Yeo and William Mcvicar from Hamilton
  •  Kerry, Amanda, Zoe and Lachlan Jones from Hiwinui


One last thing – for parents who have enrolled children in mountain weekend programs, don’t let the little critters show you up - -there are weekend programs available for adults too!


CSC Bunkum #4 2018 - Invoices have been sent!
April 4, 2018

All invoices for 2018 subscriptions have been sent – if you have not received yours, please contact me as soon as possible!

As per Bunkum #3, once payment has been received, your access codes to the booking system will be emailed on either Tuesday April 10, for members who have priority booking rights, or Thursday April 12 for the rest of us.


Mt Ruapehu has a new look website, which includes information on 2018 Programmes.  For those of you wanting to participate in a program, now’s the time to start planning.  


CSC Bunkum #3 2018 - Invoices and Bookings
March 22, 2018

It’s almost time to kick off the 2018 season by sending out your subscription invoices and opening the booking system!


Invoices for the 2018 season will be emailed to all members between Monday April 2 and Tuesday April 10.  Once payment has been received, access codes to the booking system will be emailed on either Tuesday April 10, for members who have priority booking rights (see No 1. below), or Thursday April 12 for the rest of us.


We will be continuing the rules introduced in 2015 designed to encourage participation in official ski & board programs and club races, increase the number of members that can stay at the lodge over the school holidays, and improve the effectiveness of the booking system. To remind you of the changes:

  1. A brief priority booking period will be given to those club members that have an intention for at least one of their immediate family members to participate in a ski/board mountain program run by RAL - or other providers - such as Flyers, Warriors, Master of the Mountain, Race camps, Holiday programs etc. Check out to see what is on offer by RAL for juniors during the school holidays.  They also have Flyers & Warriors weekend programs running, check out to see what’s on offer.  (At the time of writing these links still contain information on the 2017 programs, but I have been assured by Mt Ruapehu Marketing that the information will be on an updated Mt Ruapehu website, due to be launched April 3)

The priority period also applies to:


To take advantage of the priority period:

    1. Email me ( as soon as possible confirming who in your family will be participating in a 2018 program, or the club races you are intending to compete in
    2. You will be sent your invoice early in the week of April 2
    3. You need to pay your invoice promptly – I will then email your password to access the booking system on Tuesday April 10.  (Non priority members who have paid their subs will be sent their details two days later, on Thursday April 12)
    4. You can make your bookings as normal

Please note, this isn’t about giving members on programs a constant booking advantage throughout the season – you only get a booking advantage for two days – then the priority booking opportunity falls away. Obviously those who participate in the early booking and then don’t participate in a mountain program will be referred to the Committee.

  1. In both school holiday periods, bookings will be limited to blocks of 4 nights from the time bookings open in mid-April until May 4, a 3 week period. After May 4 the restriction will be removed.  This will allow a greater number of families access to the lodge during these peak times (as long as members get “active” and book before May 4!). You must book for 4 nights – not more or LESS – you cannot just book for the weekend. The holiday periods will be:

July school holidays (the reference to dates below are the nights you will be staying):


·         Block 1: Friday 6 July to Monday 9 July (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Tuesday 10 July


·         Block 2: Tuesday 10 July to Friday 13 July (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Saturday 14 July


·         Block 3: Saturday 14 July to Tuesday 17 July (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Wednesday 18 July


·         Block 4: Wednesday 18 July to Saturday 21 July (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Sunday 22 July


Sept / Oct school holidays (again, the reference is to nights):


·         Block 1: Friday 28 September to Monday 1 September (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Tuesday 2 September


·         Block 2: Tuesday 2 October to Friday 5 October (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Saturday 6 October


·         Block 3: Saturday 6 October to Tuesday 9 October (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Wednesday 10 October


·         Block 4: Wednesday 10 October to Saturday 13 October (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Sunday 14 October

 Note: members who are signing up to a mountain program (as set out in clause 1 above) can book for the period of their ski or board program – the 4 night restriction does not apply to them.


Please remember, especially new members: When booking make sure that each stay of consecutive nights is made on a separate booking, i.e. has its own booking number. This will save enormous amounts of admin for our heroic Bookings Manager, Jenny Muir, if you want to change your booking.


Please also note that last year’s access codes are no longer valid.  If you are wanting to book some off season time (Easter trip to the mountain, anyone?), please let me know and I can issue a temporary code.




·         Are family members going to participate in a mountain program?


·         Do you want to be at the lodge for a part of the school holidays?


If so, start thinking about your dates NOW!


CSC Bunkum #2 2018 - Provisions Work Party and New Members
March 21, 2018

A solid crew of members turned out for the 2018 Provision Work Party, held over a beautiful weekend on March 10 and 11.  The pantry was restocked, 5½m3 of firewood was brought up and stacked, the concrete block base of the hut was painted, the locker room was measured up for new ski racks (which should be in for this season), new bunk room heaters were replaced (the old ones had discoloured and were replaced under warranty), LED lighting was installed in the pantry and woodshed, general waste was removed from Bob’s shed and around the lodge, general interior maintenance and a big clean of inside was carried out.  We had a great crew and it was great to meet some new and prospective members.

Our club depends on members’ active involvement - a huge thanks to Rik Fisk, who led the party, Tracey Jones, Holly and Gina Fisk, Mike and Reid Callaghan, Phil Spencer-Harris, Brigitte Grath, Olivia Paul, John and Dylan Stephenson, Casey Palmer, Simon Leadley, Amy Esther and Hazel Williams, Lisa Emily and Richard Denyer, Richard Arlo and Montana Cullwick, Matt and Hayley Fulton, Aaron and Liam Bennett, Bart and Ben de Jong, Takumi, and Mark Young.  Special thanks to Pedro who cracked the pantry whip and fed us through the weekend.


We have a number of new members who joined either late last year or in the last few weeks:
  • Brigitte Grath from Auckland
  • Andrew, Sarah, George and Owen MacDonald from the south end of Lake Karapiro
  • Simon, Julius and Rhea Bowen from Auckland
  • Martin, Kezia, Gabriella and Nicholas Schuitemaker from Hamilton
  • Campbell, Sharleen, Caitlin and Hayden Fladgate from Te Awamutu
  • Genoveva, John, Anika and Thomas Smallfield from Auckland

Welcome aboard - we look forward to seeing you with skis on or around the fire!

There are a couple of vacant lockable ski racks available - $30 for the season – please email me if you’re interested – first in, first served!

Bunkum # 3 will be sent in a day or two - keep your eyes open for this one as it contains details around subscription invoice dates, booking restriction periods etc.  If there are any changes to your membership details or status, please let me know asap – it will save time for all concerned.


CSC Bunkum # 1 2018 - Pre-season Work Party and general info

February 12, 2018


Happy New Year Christianians!  I hope you’ve had, or are having, a great summer.  A bit early to be thinking about snow, I know, but a couple of pieces of important information for you.

The 2018 pre-season “Provisions” work party is set for Saturday & Sunday, March 10 & 11.  This is earlier than normal due to the limited availability of the all-important RAL front end loader. This work party is ideally suited for Junior members of all ages; we clean out the pantry, replenish it with the latest and greatest, stack a heap of fire wood, clean and paint. It would be great to see some of our newer families come and lend a hand and find out how the provisioning logistics work.  Plus it exempts you from the Work Party levy in your annual subs – a saving of $160 per senior member.  If you can attend this work party, or have any queries, please contact me at  

The 2017 Christiania AGM and Prize-giving was held in November last year – minutes are available at  At the meeting a small increase in club fees was agreed to:

• Annual subscription for senior members: $170 (last year $160)

• Annual subscription for junior members: $50 (unchanged)

• Annual subscription for associate members: $35 (unchanged)

• Work party levy: $160 (last year $150), this applies to senior members and life-subscription members if the member does not attend a committee-approved work party or equivalent event.

The club committee remains the same with a couple of additions – Rachel Ward is our new club secretary and Mark Farrell joins the general committee.  Welcome aboard, Rachel and Mark – we appreciate your commitment to the club and look forward to working with you.  The committee meets for the first time on February 26 to prepare for the 2018 season.

Invoicing for subs will occur in early April.  If you’re aware of any changes to your membership status, please let me know at as soon as possible – it saves a lot of time and effort if changes are communicated before invoicing …