Member Booking Guidelines

How to make a booking as a member
Click on the 'Bookings' tab
Then select 'M
embers Booking'
You will be asked for your ‘username’ and ‘password’. Insert these and click on [OK]

You will now be on the Online Booking System page. From here you can

1) Go into the online system

2) Read the terms and conditions or

3) Be linked through to the PayPal website to set up a PayPal account for paying for any bookings you make.

Click on:    

Click Here to Enter

You will now be at the ‘Booking Form’ Complete the form by filling in your requirements:

o Room Type is always “Bunk”.

o Bunks is the total number of bunks (or people) you are booking for.

o Adults and Children is the number of adults and children you are booking for.

o Membership Type/Season is normally “member”. Can be “Non Member” if you have been given approval from the booking officer to book a guest. “Off Season” is the summer rate.

o Choose the Date/Arrival using the built-in calendar, and then do the same for Departure Date.

o Type in the Names of all people booked in, as well as the ages of anyone under the age of 18

Then click on:    

The total amount will show, including the 3% booking fee (this fee covers the PayPal charges).

Then click on:    

Book Now!

You will now be at the ‘Booking Confirmation’ Complete the confirmation by entering your name and contact details as requested. Remember to tick the box

-□ I have confirmed that I agree to the Terms & Conditions of booking.

Then click on:    


This will take you through to the PayPal website. You will be asked to enter your PayPal email address and password. A payment request for Christiania Ski Club will appear. Follow the prompts and click on “Pay Now”. When paid, PayPal will confirm payment as well send a confirmation link to the Christiania Online Booking system confirming your booking.
Go to your email account. There should be two emails. One from PayPal and one from Christiania Ski Club confirming your booking with the reservation number. If these two emails do not appear, your booking has not been confirmed.

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